Free member to member calling *

Unite GLlinx users! Anywhere in the world.

Conference calling

Want to get mom and grandma on the phone at the same time?

Easy peasy.

Video calls

Haven’t seen your college student in a while? It’s time for a video chat!

Instant messaging

Your college student didn’t pick up the video call huh? Not to worry!

Instant message anytime, anywhere.

Place calls to mobile & landlines worldwide

Call anyone, anytime, anywhere.

World number

Purchase a world number that is local to you, give it to a friend or a family member anywhere in the world and voila! They make local calls to you at no cost to them!


Missed a call? Not to worry, there is always voicemail.

Rate checker

Check just how low our rates are to call anywhere in the world.

We’re pretty awesome.

GLlinx Wallet

Stores all funds that can be used to make purchases and calls through the GLLinx App.

Keep your GLLinx wallet topped up, so making calls and purchases are hassle free.

* GLLinx to GLLinx calls and chats are free. Operator data charges may apply.